let us design and deliver

Let us design and engineer the parts and solutions you need to make your equipment and business strive!

We engineer all details of our products in house

We design and engineer all details and aspects of our prioritary components ourselves in house. From small and large 3D designs printable on 3D printers, to complex fiber optic cable structures. We are proud to be able to fulfill our customers needs, down to the last detail.

we listen to our customer needs

We make sure we listen to all our customer specific needs and use that as the basis to figure out what exactly will be the optimal solution for their need. But at the same time, we aren’t affraid to tell you if the design needs some tweaking.

We do our best to have clear data available

Belive me when I say, I’ve seen and have experience with unclear specifications, instructions, and datasheets, for various products. This said, we do our best not to do the same mistakes ourselves, but to have all relevant data available in all our product datasheets.


Fiber Optic Solutions

We have a vast selection of fiberoptic cables, patch chords, connectors, termination boxes, splice boxes, etc. If you cant find what you need, don't hesitate to ask!

Lighting Solutions

We are specializing in industrial and commercial LED-lightning solutions for both indoor and outdoor aplications. Have a look to find out more!

We are constantly updating our product offerings and looking for innovative solutions to offer our clients!

"I love to spend time adjusting and tweaking our designs to perfection, either from customer suggestions or my own OCD. I want to feel proud of each one of our designs."
Jimi kattainen
Designer and CEO

let us know how we can help

At any stage of your projects, please, don't hesitate to contact us! Let's figure out together how we could make your project a success!

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